Posted by Holt Russell

What makes the Essential Car Bar so unique is its ability to diffuse your favorite essential oil fragrances. Though this aspect of customization sounds complex, it couldn't be more simple! In fact, here are the three steps required in order to start filling your air freshener with whatever scents you choose:

  1. Open the Essential Car Bar - This is quite simple. Pull the aroma dial away from the Car Bar.
  2. Drip oil on Fragrance Bar - Pick your favorite essential oil, and drip a few drops of it on your Fragrance Bar.      (Pro Tip: thoroughly cover fragrance bar and leave to soak for around 15 seconds before wiping excess with a paper towel)
  3. Close and Install - Place the Fragrance Bar back into the Essential Car Bar, install the Car Bar back on your air vent, and enjoy!

This process can be used either to restore a fading fragrance, or to create a new aromatic experience.

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